Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sorry Guys!!

Sorry I have been slacking around here it has been crazy with dance competition and now soccer and I had a doctors appt yesterday and they want me to consider spinal surgery! I have been nervous and upset and tired and busy and crazy ha ha! So glad to see some of you guys are sticking with me thanks!! I do have more giveaways to post so stay tune I have great Easter giveaways too! I also have lots more reviews! well I have to get dressed and take my 4 yr old to school and then feed the other two kids before nap time and before picking up the 3 oldest. It is also a soccer night and dance night so yea a crazy day and all i want to do is stay home and be left alone in a hot bath hahah! Ill be back later to post Tasty Tuesday and it is a yummy one from Country bob recipe book !!! Sorry Again guys I am here and gonna start getting my butt back to work ha ha!

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Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Glad you are here! I have been seeing a surgeon trying to get a fusion and my dr. just won't do it. Good luck.