Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth Lust bottles are great!!

I received some of the cutest and most handy water bottles the other day from Earth lust! They couldn't of came at a better time with soccer starting and dance competitions. My daughters used them for Saturdays competition and loved the ease of them and I had so many people ask where I got them and they wished they had those. I told them where get them and they said they are gonna check it out and get some for their dancers too!

I love the metal because it is so much cleaner and easier to get clean. I love also they are great for our environment. I loved the canteen for my coffee. Getting up early to do makeup and hair for my girls dance and then out the door to drive 40 minutes to the competition and my canteen was with me and I had my coffee and it was great. They are all 100% stainless steel and are BPA Free. They all keep your drink cold or hot for a very long time which is also great for me because I am a very slow drinker ha ha.The great Key chain holder on the top to hook it to you belt loop is the greatest feature of all so your bottle is always with you!

I recommend these great bottles for all! Adults, Kids, grandparents, athletes, anyone at all will love these and will use them! Check out Earth Lust at http://earthlust.com/index.html