Monday, April 6, 2009

Extraordinary Mother Easter Basket swap is awesome!!

OK so today I finally got my Easter basket from Pricousins (Angie) at http://angiemarion.blogspot.com/ and i love it!! I couldn't wait to open it! I haven't had a Easter basket since I was a kid. I usually make one for the kids and one for the hubby. I love holidays and usually go all out but usually not for myself though. So when I heard EM were doing a Easter Basket swap I was all in lol!! I love getting stuff for people and making their day better and to get something back was just a extra bonus!
I got a gorgeous creme colored bag filled with all kinds of goodies! I got Swedish Fish my all time favorite and I did open them immediately to eat them ha ha! Hey its a fat free Candy that it delicious!! i got some yummy cadbury eggs, Reese eggs, and suckers! I got all kinds of bath stuff. Like Bath crystals, lotions, chapstick, body spray, perfume, bath wash, shower gel, soap petals and shave gel. I was spoiled ha ha! Thanks soooooo much Angie I love love love it and love that you did this for me!! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!! Also thanks to Extra Ordinary Mothers for hosting this Awesome event!! You all must check out this great site at http://extraordinarymothers.com/ .


Unknown said...

You got alot of great stuff! Yay!

Pricousins said...

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it! I'll be posting mine later this evening!

Gina said...

You got a lot of great stuff! How fun!!! I don't get in on swaps, i've run a few and it's always a mess, and i've even been LEFT out before too, that really sucks... Glad you had a good experience though.