Tuesday, April 7, 2009

World Championship Games is a champion here!

I must say Game Factory has soo many great games to chose from, but we got World Championship Games and we love it! It is a game based around World Olympic events. You have to try and win medals. There are three levels to chose from . Your got rookie, Pro and Advance. Then you can chose to do a single event , Decathlon, or a tournament, even Multi player. There are events like 100m sprint, javelin, shot put, high jump, long jump, rapid fire shooting, running targets, 110m hurdles and so much more! You can even chose the stadium to compete in how cool is that!
I didn't get it opened before my son yanked it out of my hands to play it. I love that it isn't too easy but not too extremely hard either! Once you figure out what you have to push, release or move than the game all gets figured out! I was addicted to it last night lol. I played for about 2 hours and was determined to win gold medals on all the events in the rookie level. I finally did it by 10 pm last night after many hours of trying and trying again. Now I must move up to the next level but its exciting he he.

I definitely suggest this game for all users old enough to read and understand the rules and instructions! It is alot of fun and soo addicting! It will keep you and you family entertained for hours trust me! Check out this game and lots more fun games at http://www.gamefactorygames.com/

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