Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Belli has some great products

OK I love skin products for my skin for my kids skin whatever lol . When I got to try out some great stuff from Belli I was so excited. All their stuff looks great and reasonable. Some of it I wish I had it while I was pregnant!

The first thing I tried was the Eye Brightening Cream. Dark circles around the eyes runs in my family so I wasn't sure how good this would work. I was pleased to say I looked so refreshed and less puffy. The dark circles were almost gone. My eyes looked so much brighter! I was in awe so I told my mom about it and of course she took it from me to try and even hers which were 10 times darker then mine lightened up quite a bit. She loves it now too. So my cream has now became her cream go figure how that worked ha ha. Should of kept my mouth shut ha ha! I love that it has vit. k, Ginseng, green tea and soy protein , so it leaves your eyes so soft!
The next thing I tried was the Belli Baby Gift Set. Yep this was great! It comes with Calm Me Hair & Body Wash, Nourish Me Enriched Body Lotion, and Pamper Me Talc-Free Powder. I love the fresh smell of the body and hair wash and it leaves their hair soft. I love that they have chamomile in it to help relax the baby. I love the smell of the lotion and it left my baby smooth. I also loved that the lotion did not break her out or irritate her eczema.
The last thing I tried wash the Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. I love things that kills germs. I keep this in my purse and take it everywhere. Most Hand Sanitizers dry out your hands and this one left my hand so soft afterwards. Honestly I wasn't fond of the smell but then again i don't like any sanitizers scents. My mom liked the smell though so it was just my opinion. I added a few drops of lavender oil to it and i love the smell now lol. I now use it at least once or twice a day. My kids also love to use it.

Overall I think I'm in love with Belli Skin products. I cant wait to try more and get more stuff when my hubby gets paid ha ha. SHHHH!!!! So head on over and check out these great products and all the other great stuff Belli carries! http://www.belliskincare.com/
They also have a promo going on right now Promo Code: BELLIPICKS & receive 20% off all orders.

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