Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shopping on a budget

NearbyNow (http://www.nearbynow.com/), a free online service that saves time and helps shoppers find the best bargains near them.

The service works like this: Just go to www.nearbynow.com and enter a search term of the clothing or accessories you're looking for. Say you want shoes and your favorite designer is Via Spiga. You can enter terms like “shoes,” or “Via Spiga,” to see a full selection. NearbyNow.com does the rest: It brings up all the items that match your search, shows you which ones are available at local retailers and gives pricing for all items. If you want to reserve an item, just follow the prompts, and a member of NearbyNow's concierge team will reserve it for you and send you a confirmation e-mail within 10 minutes. Then you can check it out at the store before you commit to buying it. NearbyNow saves you time as well, since you no longer have to travel from store to store to find exactly what you want at the best price. And no more online return hassles and costs.

This seems like a great site to save money . I definitely am checking it out!

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