Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!

So been up all night with my 21 month old and I have a sneaking suspicion I will be doing the same thing tonight. She has been running a fever since Tuesday night. She has a croup cough and a severe sinus infection. Last night the puking started from 9 last night til current. I am lucky she drinks formula or the house would really stink of puke ha ha. I have washed all her bed coverings 2 times now and washed my 3 year old's too. I have scrubbed the floors and changed various outfits. She has only been able to sleep 1/2 hour today because of puking and coughing. She cant even cry right her voice is so deep I feel so bad. She isn't eating or drinking much just trying to push fluids. Doctors say since she just started antibiotic yesterday give it til Monday and if she is still suffering then bring her back in. I think I am in for a long weekend. Fingers crossed she is keeping enough of the antibiotic down to help and hope she responds to it soon.

Another update on my Kidneys stones. They CT scan showed 6 in my right kidney and significantly more on the left. So He sent me in for a KUB xray to see if he could see if they were calcium stones like my last ones so he could go in and zap them with lithotripsy or surgically remove them with a basket. Well results are in and he cant see them on the Xray so cant zap them or surgically remove them good chance that they are Uric Acid stones which makes it hard to treat them. His last hope is for me to do another xray after I do a bowel cleansing and fingers crossed he can see them then. Its pretty sad that we pray a colon cleanse will work ha ha. If not I don't know what he will do so I am praying this works so bowel cleanse on Mon and Tues and xray on wed Ill let you know what happens. For now lots of water and cranberry juice and pain killers.

On a good Note I got all the Christmas stuff down and put away. The house looks normal again. I got the whole upstairs cleaned except kids room since that's tomorrow task. Plus I got the whole down stairs cleaned. I sanitized everything with Lysol so my house smells like a floral scented hospital but hey germ free hope that prevents the last 3 kids from catching the nasty bug along with mommy and daddy from catching it. Good luck right ha ha especially since my 21 month old sleeps in my room and climbs into my bed between 4 and 6 am til I get up. I even got all the towels washed, all the jackets washed, and 3 loads of clothes washed. Now only 5 more loads of clothes to wash and then put them all away. I feel very accomplished today even with a sick kids and grouchy other kids and kids that really need to go back to school ASAP!!!

I feel like I am ending 2009 in a good way. Getting rid of the past and moving on to the future. I got alot of tough thing to start out the new year with like health issues and then court issues with taking visitation away from my ex husband. But 2009 was a long year with all its ups and downs so here's to wishing and hoping 2010 is gonna be awesome!!

New Years goals:
1. get court visitation changed

2. get health issues figured out

3. exercise more (for the whole family)

4. eat healthier (for the whole family)

5. Get more financially stable

6. Move into a bigger house

7. work more on my marriage ( more date nights and mommy and daddy time)

So what are your New Years Resolutions?? Anything new? What are you looking forward to this up coming year?


Tiffany said...

I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve.

One of my resolutions is to try not to sweat the small things. I also want to fix up the old home we're moving into.

Unknown said...

My goals are to cook more and excercise. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

hope things get better for you