Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Farm Rich Snacks review

In this house we are big snackers. I know bad bad but honestly we do eat healthy most of the time. There are just days I don't feel like cooking and finger foods are easy and the kids love them. Also there are parties and friends gatherings that finger foods are awesome for those type of events. Well Farm Rich has some of the best finger foods. We get tired of the same old chicken nuggets and fries so Farm rich has come up with healthier and yummier food, I mean if yummier is a word. They have mozzarella bites that are to die for with their soft dough like crust mmm. They have yummy meatball to make great cocktail meat balls or our favorite sweet and sour meat balls. They have great quesadillas and paninis. They have pizza bites and my kids favorite their french toast sticks.

We got to try Farm Rich Chicken BLT paninis and I must say they made for a awesome lunch for me and my kids. They were so flavorful and soft and cheesy. It had just the right amount of bacon and cheese and chicken. My kids downed them and went back for more. I went back for more too but the kids had already finished them off. That my little piggies for you. These are definitely something I will continue to buy.

I have bought others from the Farm Rich brand and I have liked them all. Farm Rich will always be a favorite in this house. They make great lunches, dinners, and great for parties. You should definitely check them out and best off all they are great priced so you can stock up!!!

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