Thursday, June 30, 2011

Catty stacks- Cat houses review

Have you seen the prices for cat furniture out there? Oh my once we got our cat almost a year go I began looking for toys and furniture for him to play with but I seen the prices and said forget that. My cat Buddy loves boxes. He is always in one or trying to get in one lol. So when I came across Catty Stacks I knew these were the ones for us.
What are Catty Stacks? Well they are recycled cardboard boxes designed especially for cats. They have cut out holes in them and stack and connect together to make small or huge towers. They are Eco friendly using recycled cardboard and soy based inks and they can be recycles as well when you are done with them. Also since they are cardboard they are actually affordable. We got the chance to test a 3 box set out with our cat and no faster than we had it put it together he was curled up inside of it and on top of it. He loved waiting for the kids to come past it so he could stay safe inside and reach his paw out to grab the kids haha. He has loved hiding in these to stay away from the kids for his cat nap and I don't blame him. These are roomy and easy to put together and move around. They are pretty sturdy too. They hold up to 40lbs and even with my kids leaning on them trying to pull the cat out they have not even bent. I cant wait to buy more and some tubes to expand it and make him so big fun tower out of them haha.
So if you have a cat that loves laying on things or in boxes you should definitely check out Catty Stacks. You will be glad you did with the money you saved and your cat will be glad you did too. So head over and check out how awesome these really are!

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