Thursday, June 30, 2011

Help Levi's raise money for Blue Plant charity

Last Saturday, Katie Spotz and her biking partner Sam Williams set forth to break a world record by biking 3000 miles in less than eight days for Ride4Water — that’s 1.3 times as long as the Tour de France and in one-sixth the time. Their journey, with the help of Levi's, also aimed to raise money for Blue Planet, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing safe drinking water to those without.

Here's the video that shows some of what Katie endured on her ride. After fracturing her pelvis, which forced her to use a handcycle, and dealing with a serious crash which landed her in the hospital, the race took on a whole new meaning. For Katie, it turned into something greater -

People can still help Katie and her team reach their goal of $100,000 by visiting their crowdrise donation page at http:/crowdrise.com/ride4water. Levi's is also donating $1 for each tweet that includes the #Ride4Water hashtag for up to $5,000 in addition to their sponsorship, and we'd love if your readers could help spread the word. We think it's a great story of the inspiring American spirit and perseverance of Katie.

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