Friday, July 1, 2011

Cars 2 Hasbro games are out and fun for family game night

So Cars 2 in now out at theaters every where. Kids everywhere are bugging to go see it well and some adults because hey I want to see it too lol. Why not make a whole day of it? See the movie and then pick up a Hasbro's Cars 2 game and do a family game night as well. There is Cars 2 sorry sliders, Cars 2 Monopoly and our favorite Cars 2 Operation.
We got the awesome chance to review a Cars 2 game and of course we picked Operation lol. I remember playing this game as a kid and jumping every time it buzzed haha. So I couldn't wait to share this game with my kids. We have family game nights alot. It is such a fun bonding experience that don't cost a whole lot but something your kids will remember for years.

Product Description:
Help your Mater “patient” get “all better!” Pick a card and then “operate” on that part of him to help him out. Remove the bad parts and you’ve done it! But if you touch the sides, his headlight will buzz and glow. Keep working on him until his as “healthy” as can be, then put the funatomy parts in the storage drawer to keep everything together. “Fix up” his “busted gear” and you win! Includes game board with Mater “Patient” and tweezers, 22 game cards, 11 plastic funatomy parts, play money, storage drawer and instructions. For 1 or more players. Ages 6 and up.
Our Opinion:
It took about 5 minutes when we opened it to get it all set up. There was a little assembly but no to hard. Once we got it set up we were ready to play. I liked that all 8 of us could play even my 3 year old loved it even though she didn't win she had a blast making Mater buzz. The whole object was to take out all the extra part and make Mater run like new again without making him buzz. We all jumped every time it buzzed but the kids would start laughing and I think it became more fun to make him buzz then not. Yep that's my kids for you haha. We had a blast playing Cars 2 Operation and it is always a favorite to play on family game nights now.

So if you have a Cars lover and want to get them something that they will love and you will love as a family then you should definitely check out all the Cars 2 games Hasbro has and all the other awesome games they carry! Make your game night a blast with Hasbro!

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Thanks for this post about some Cars 2 games. It sounds like you had a fun family games night.