Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OFF helps making spending time outdoors this summer enjoyable

Now that the warm weather has finally arrived and we’ve had such a wet spring that flooding is an issue across much of the country, mosquitoes are every where. I know when we went to the car show and Fireworks for American Fork Steel Days there were so many pesky bugs and mosquito's it was so annoying. Plus afterwards and the itching of the bites can be ultimate pain in the bum. Worse still is when the kids have a bite you will never hear the end of it ha ha. So when OFF sent me their two newest products to test out I could wait since we spend alot of time outside during the summer.

The  first one we tried was the OFF Deep Woods Dry Insect repellent. Now me and my youngest couldn't use this because DEET irritates our skin but my mom and older kids used it just fine. Whats great about this products is if you don’t like the greasy, sticky feeling of spraying repellents on your skin try the new OFF! Deep Woods® Dry Insect Repellent. It offers a powder dry formula with proven OFF!® Deep Woods® protection without sticky, greasy feel. Trust me it wasn't greasy afterwards and helped keep the mosquito's and gnats away and that was great since I didn't have to worry about diseases and whining kids with bites.

The  next thing I tried was the OFF! Clip-On Mosquito repellent . This one is great because I don't have to spray any repellent on my skin. It is also now smaller instead of the big bulky one. OFF!® Clip-On™ Mosquito Repellent is a personal mosquito repellent you don’t spray on. It's a battery-operated fan circulates odorless repellent providing head-to-toe OFF!® protection from mosquitoes within minutes! This is great for me and my youngest. It doesn't irritate us and has no odor and helps kids those pesky bugs away and that's whats important.

So if you are gonna be spending alot of time outdoors then you need to keep those disease ridden bugs aways with OFF! and their awesome products. Which every products you chose by OFF! you will be glad you got them! So head out to the store and get you some!

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