Monday, August 15, 2011

Nutrisystem Nation- Week 1

So Week One on Nutrisystem how did it all go right? Well Today would be 1 week from the day I started. The first day went by very easily except I need to increase my water intake and eat more fruits, vegetables and protein/dairy items. Yes that's right you don't only eat what they send you in the mail. You get a main entree and then you have to have sides to go with it that fit into the Nutrisystem diet plan. Having the support online and on my IPOD Touch as a App has really helped me know what I can have and what not to have and to keep track of what I ate and so on.
Day 2 through 4 alot more challenging for me. I liked the food  and ate what I needed to mostly minus a few dairies and vegetables but my issue was I was having my sweet cravings and the one dessert they give you is awesome but I wanted more but I stuck with it.
Day 5 through 7 alot easier. I was beginning to understand what to eat and how much and I wasn't craving the sweets anymore. I still need to increase my water intake but doing any where from 5 to 7 cups a day so getting there. I still have issues with eating as much as they say. I am not a big eater. I am more of a snacker all day. My challenge has always been when I eat right I never get enough calories. This week I stayed around 1000 to 1150 calories but one day I did only had about 800 calories which I know was bad! Next week I am gonna try to do better!
I also was exercising to help with my weight loss and shape up. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I do the P90X CardioX workout which is a 45 minutes intense workout but a good one. Tuesday and Thursdays I do 15 minutes of Yoga and 15 minutes of Cardio kickboxing. Saturday and Sunday I don't do anything but I am a mom to 6 kids kids so I am always moving lol.

My Opinion so Far:
The Food was really good. My favorite Breakfasts so far are the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and the Apple Strudel Scone. My favorite lunches have been the Chicken fajita melt and Margherita Pizza. My favorite Dinners so far are the Thick crust pizza and the Glazed chicken tenders. The desserts were awesome I love the Fudge swirl sundae and the mint cookie crisp. MMM Yummy! I wasn't too fond of the Nutrichocolates or chocolate raspberry bar but they weren't awful just not my favorite.
Day 1 Photo
Will update photos once a month to show difference!

So my results so far????
Starting Weight 130
Week 1           128    Loss of 2 pounds

Yay! I am so excited! I wasn't sure I was gonna lose anything this week being the first week and being that time of the month (if you know what I mean) LOL. My Goal for this week is eat everything that is on my meal plan and getting enough water and calories especially P90X Days. So Far so good! So tune in next week for my next check in post!

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DISCLOSURE: I receiving Nutrisystem products free of charge in exchange for my reviews and all opinions are my own.

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