Sunday, August 14, 2011

Smarcks Smart Blocks for kids review

As many of you know I love finding products and toys that are educational for my kids. I mean whats better than a toy that will amuse them for a bit so you can get stuff done and at the same time be teaching them stuff too? I cant think of anything better. I must say all 6 of my kids favorite toys since they were little and even now as they are older are blocks. Blocks of all shapes and sizes. So when I came across Smarcks Smart Blocks I knew these were for us!
What are Smarcks? They are Kids Blocks that talk and teach kids a variety of skills like numbers, colors, ABC's,Math, Nursery rhymes and much more. I think that is the coolest thing ever. We got a 70 piece building set and the color blocks, the nursery rhyme blocks, the music blocks, the math blocks, counting, shapes and ABC Blocks. My kids were so excited. They were fighting over who's blocks they were ha ha. Not that they don't have a million more block around the house but none of them talk and sing ha ha. They had a blast building towers and castles and listening to the blocks sing to them and count with them. I think this is their new favorite toy. They have been playing with them for over a week and have not got tired of them yet. They just love learning and building and listening to them. These are a definite must have for all kids. These would make great birthday presents and Christmas presents. You really need to check these out they are the coolest thing ever!

So if you have kids like mine that love blocks and building you have to check out Smarcks and how awesome they really are! Your kids will love them and so will you and you will know not only are they using their imagination to build stuff but they are learning a variety of skills. So cool so head over and get some now! Plus they are giving my readers a awesome discount of 30% off for orders over $55 – good for one month.  Use the code  TONI (all caps).

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