Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nutrisystem Nation- Week 4

So its that time again for my weekly post about my Nutrisystem weight loss journey. This week is week 4 and I got back on track this week with the diet and exercise. I am so proud of myself. I plan on keeping it up again this week. I got alot more veggies and fruits in my diet this week and stayed more away from the carbs which has been my struggle. I love rice and breads so to give those up was very hard for me. Luckily I love salads too and I can have tons of salad in the Nutrisystem diet so we are good there.
The food was alot better this week. I actually like the lasagna with meat sauce and the Tuna salad. I also loved the chocolatey nougat bar with peanut and caramel. It tasted just like a snickers bar. Yummy! I wasn't fond of the pasta Alfredo with broccoli  but that is just me I am not a huge Alfredo fan.
Exercising this week was a little easier I exercised 6 days this week. 2 days of P90X cardio and 4 days of Active2 for the Wii. I have to admit there was some days I didn't want to exercise and days I just wanting a nice piece of cake with lots of frosting lol but I worked through them. It wasn't all easy but I made it. Next week hopefully is alot easier.

Results so far
Starting 130lbs
week 1 128lbs loss of 2lbs
week 2 126lbs loss of 2lbs
week 3 127lbs gain of 1lb
week 4 126lbs loss of 1lb
Overall still lost 4 lbs overall in 4 weeks and I am proud that I did better this week. I think next week I should see alot more results as well.

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Eva G. said...

Looks yummy! Congrats!