Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pumpkin Masters has just what you need to make this Halloween spookitific

Can you believe its October 1st already? Time is just flying by. Its not time to get decorating and get ready for Halloween. I've got our costumes and I got some of last years decorations but my kids are ready to do pumpkins already ha ha. This year I have seen some very fun, easy, and creative ways to decorate the pumpkins. Pumpkin masters has some of the neatest new Halloween products this year and I was lucky enough to try them out!
The First thing I got to try was the Kids Pumpkin carving kit. This great kit includes 12 patterns with instructions, 12 foam stickers, 8 eye and teeth inserts, 1 kid-friendly DuraSaw®, 1 Scraper Scoop, 1 Poker, 1 battery operated light, and 1 crayon. The design were easy enough that my older kids could do them on their own. My younger kids needed help but it was fun. The younger kids loved the stickers and the crayon instead of cutting anyways. Definitely a awesome kit!
The second thing we got was the Halloween Reflective Stickers from Pumpkin masters. These are a awesome way to be seen on Halloween night. You can personalize costumes and accessories by selecting from this pack of 100 stickers in 4 reflective colors. They are even great for pumpkin decorating too. I cant wait to use these on Halloween night well whats left after using some for our pumpkins ha ha. The stick very well and this way I know my kids will be seen at night by cars. That is such a important thing while trick or treating because there are so many kids getting hit because people don't see them in the dark costumes. This is a must have for Halloween.
The last thing we got was the Flickering Mayhem Light to put into our pumpkin to give it the candle look or the spooky flickering light effect. Definitely cooler than the lights that just stay on. It is safe and is battery operated LED light that brightens, flashes, and dims. So cool to see this light at night. It definitely makes the pumpkins seem alot funner and spookier.

Overall we loved everything we got from Pumpkin masters and definitely will be buying more of their awesome product this Halloween and many Halloweens to come. So head out and check your local supermarket and stores like Walmart for Pumpkin Master products. You will be glad you did!

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