Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scared Stuffless Halloween spooky doll review

Its getting close to Halloween so its time to see all the spooky toys and decorations out there. We love Halloween so we love decorations especially ones other people don't normally have so when we came across Scared Stuffless Dolls we had to have one lol.
Scared Stuffless Dolls are horror-themed plushes based on the popular zombie, werewolf and vampire icons. We got the Dead Ted Zombie doll and we think he is the neatest and funniest doll we got. My oldest wants to keep him in her room lol. My 3 year old thinks its gross but laughs at it and tells me he has bony legs and his brain is falling out ha ha. He is a good size doll at 18.5 inches tall. Out of the 3 dolls they carry this is the most explicit one. The werewolf and vampire are not as gory but us gory is what Halloween is about so we love it. We have seen alot of zombie movies so this guy will fit right into our Halloween decor and we cant wait to show him of during our Halloween party. He might get front row seat on the dining table with all the food next to the brain dip!
So if your looking for a fun decoration or toy for Halloween you definitely should check out Scared Stuffless Dolls. You will love them and they will be hit for Halloween!

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Eva G. said...

"Scared Stuffless", LOL.
They scare me!