Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Black Shard by Victoria Simcox Review

My oldest who is 13 has a hard time finding books she really can get into but when we got the chance to read The Magic Warble she was in love and could not put the book down. Then we heard there was going to be a sequel and she was so excited she could hardly wait. I do recommend you read the first one before the sequel but we must say the sequel called The Black Shard was just as good as the first if not better. My daughter absolutely loved it. I mean what girl doesn't love reading about fairies, gnomes and dwarfs. The book was excited and suspenseful and kept you want to keep reading and reading. It is definitely a attention getter. It is a definite must read book for kids ages I would say 7-adult. So check it out and the first one. They would make great Christmas gifts!
The Black Shard, Victoria Simcox’s fast-paced, intricately woven sequel to The Magic Warble, takes Kristina Kingsly and her schoolmates back to Bernovem … and into a thrilling, often dangerous adventure.

Kristina’s stay at summer horse camp is horrible to say the least, and it’s all because Hester and Davina are there as well, making her life miserable. When Hester’s cruel prank goes terribly wrong, it’s actually what sends the three girls back to the magical land of Bernovem. In Bernovem, Kristina is very excited to see her former friend, Prince Werrien. When he invites her to sail with him on his ship to his homeland Tezerel, putting it simply, Kristina can’t refuse.

Reunited with her gnome, dwarf, animal, fairy friends … and best of all, Werrien, things seem like they couldn’t get any better for Kristina. But when Werrien becomes fascinated with an unusual seeing stone, the “Black Shard”, Kristina is haunted by a ghostlike old hag. Struggling against suspicion, guilt, illness, and ultimately the one who wants to possess her soul, Kristina will see it’s in her weakest moment that she will encounter more strength than she has ever known.

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