Sunday, December 4, 2011

Garden Heroes Food Nutrition Kit review

Garden Heroes Food Nutrition Kit
Pepe Pineapple, Buddy Broccoli, and Billy Blueberry star in our new Garden Heroes Food Nutrition Kit. This kit makes nutrition learning fun and easy with:
• 3 Garden Heroes
• 20 Get a Kick Foodscapes™ stickers
• 2 Nutritional Education Game Sheets
• Vita-Veggies activity book
* bonus down loadable activities

Who said nutrition couldn’t be fun? Each Garden Hero bean-bag character helps excite kids about fruits and vegetables, encouraging them to make healthy eating decisions. The other contents are fun ways to interact with your children while relaying an important message about health and nutrition.This kit is suitable for ages 3-7 and is available for a limited time only at learningzonexpress.com

Our Opinion:
My younger kids loved the stuffed vegetables and the stickers. All my kids loved the learning sheets and activity book. I loved that it was all educational and helped them appreciate healthy good foods. It really helps open their eyes about foods and why they are good for them and that is so important especially at this age and with the world becoming so unhealthy because no one eats healthy any more. I think this is a great kit and recommend it for all families with kids. Families need to show the importance of good foods early to teach the kids good eating habits and what better way to do that then fun games and toys. So go to learningzonexpress.com and check out this great kit.

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Unknown said...

This is very interesting I could have used this when my oldest was younger! My two younger kids have always loved veggies!! Thanks for a great review!