Thursday, December 29, 2011

Patch Products’ new family game 100 Wacky Things Game

Want to get loud? Want to get silly? You’ll be laughing uncontrollably while doing some crazy things in Patch Products’ new family game of ridiculous antics.  100 Wacky Things Game  will have your whole family laughing and having a fun time all while having family time. Your kids will love this game and so will you. We loved it! I gave it to my daughter for Christmas and our whole family played it after dinner that day and we had a blast and were laughing hysterically. It made a great Christmas even better! Definitely a must have family game!

Game info:
In 100 Wacky Things™, players pick cards that tell them to salute the nearest wall, do the Chicken Dance around the room or walk like a gorilla. Other cards set off chain reactions among players. Your actions might cause others to pretend they’re riding a horse around the room and say: “Giddyup!”, do a hula dance, pretend to jump rope or hiss like a snake.
Throughout the game, players will draw two types of Wacky Cards: Always and Whenever. If a player draws an Always Card, they will do whatever the Wacky Card says immediately and then repeat that wacky thing whenever it’s their turn. A Whenever Card directs a player to do whatever the card says whenever another player does something specific. For example, if Jenny’s card tells her to sing the Happy Birthday song and pretend to blow out candles, then Eric will need to stand up and do the twist since his card states he must do the twist whenever someone sings. The standing causes Annie to howl at the moon, while the animal noise causes Gary to tap his heels together and recite, “There’s no place like home.”
Players will compete to be the person who does the wackiest things and gets the highest score. Players win points by performing each wacky act they have in their hands throughout the game. Point values can be found on the Wacky Card and range in numbers from 1–12, based on the wackiness of the action. And, did we mention the silly props? Who can resist acting goofy while wearing an elephant nose, feathered boa, funny glasses or singing into an echo microphone. 100 Wacky Things is for 3 or more players ages 7 and up. But honestly my 3 year old and 5 year old played it and had fun playing it too. You might just have to help them a bit by reading the cards and such. So fun for the whole family! For more information on Patch Products and 100 Wacky Things, visit patchproducts.com 

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