Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Fat Boy Chronicles on DVD Jan. 3rd

The Fat Boy Chronicles

On DVD Jan. 3, 2012
running time: 78 Minutes
Not Rated

Inspired by a true story, overweight outsider Jimmy Winterpock is subjected to cruel bullying from his high school classmates. Outside the comfort of his family, going to school or playing sports proves to be a humiliating experience. Despite the teasing and torment, Jimmy manages to focus on his goals in life: to lose weight and win over the girl of his dreams.

Our Opinion:
Being a mom to 6 kids and being a nursing student I see how bullying is getting so bad and most bullying is about weight. Being in a very obese world right now just doesnt help either. It is sad! This movie I feel so be put in every school curriculum even elementary school levels. I mean bullying starts in Kindergarten these days. You can be bullied on clothing, weight, friend choices, religion, skin color, and cleanliness and more. It is becoming a academic in our world and kids are taking it harder resulting in low self esteem, bad grades, depression and even suicides. That is absolutely crazy. This movie is a great inspirational movie about a kid with a weight problem and who get severely bullied and how he overcomes it to accomplish his goals. This makes this kid a hero in my eyes. Its hard being a kids as it is and to see what this kid overcomes and his strength is amazing. It is a definite must watch movie and every house and school with kids should have it and watch it.

So  check it out on Amazon and local retailers every where. Watch it as a family; share it with your schools; share it with friends and play groups. Just check out this movie and share it with anyone you think will love it!

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Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

Sounds like n interesting movie. Im into fighting against bullying, and wished more teachers were.