Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kidz Bop 21 A must have CD for all kid music lovers

The all new Kidz Bop 21 album is here! Featuring your favorite hit tunes - sung by kids for kids! Includes Party Rock Anthem, The Edge of Glory and Moves Like Jagger! My kids love it! It has some of their favorite song that are very popular right now and best part is it is all sung by kids so they are all G rated and safe for your little ones ears. All my kids love music even my 3 year old and 5 year old. My 7 year old and 13 year old are the biggest fans of music and now my son is in love with Kids Bop CDs. We have a few of them and they have been a hit since the first one. The oldest 4 download them directly to their MP3 players as soon as we get them. I am very pleased with the song choices on the CDs and my kids love them.
So if you have music lovers you have to check out  Kidz Bop 21 and all the other Kidz Bop CDs. Trust me they will love them and so will you! You can get it now at the  Kidz Bop shop or iTunes or Jan. 17th at stores world wide. So look for it and pick it up!

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