Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gravescabs review

I love finding things for my kids that are fun and educational. The hardest thing for me though is my son. I find alot of girl things but not as many boy things. So when I got the change to try out the newest line of plush toys that also have educational podcasts I had to try them. They are called Gravescabs.
A Gravescab is a collectible and reversible plush cover that slips over a base plush toy called a Skell. Each unique Gravescab also has a podcast episode that includes an educational story for both kids and adults. I thought they look like little skeleton creatures and kind of cute in a boyish way lol. My son immediately thought they were kind of cool. Once he watch the podcast on it he really thought they were really cool. He has had alot of fun changing the skins of it and even my girls thought they were pretty cool. So if you are looking for something different but still educational you have to check out Gravescabs.