Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Nutrisystem week 23

My  Nutrisystem  journey continues on to week 23. I ate really good this week. I went and bought more fresh veggies and fruits. I didn't splurge this week. I drank alot more water. I barely touched soda this week. I didn't exercise as much as I should of since I was very busy this week but I tried.

My favorite Nutrisystem foods of the week were the honey wheat bagels for breakfast with a sugar free blueberry preserve. For lunch a Cesar salad with low fat dressing and a fudge graham bar. Dinner the Italian herb flatbread pizza are to die for. I didn't drink as much soda this week maybe 2 the whole week. My coffee I used splenda or agave for the sweetener and fat free creamer. I did really good. I began adding more veggies into the diet like asparagus and squash. That was a nice change. Honestly I think I could a whole meal of just veggies haha. The protein shakes were great for morning snake to keep me full until lunch so I don't snack. My favorite is the vanilla.

Results so Far
Starting 130lbs
week 1 128lbs loss of 2lbs
week 2 126lbs loss of 2lbs
week 3 127lbs gain of 1lb still down 3lbs overall
week 4 126lbs loss of 1lb down 4lbs since started
week 5 124lbs loss of 2lbs down 6lbs since started
week 6 123.5lbs loss of 1/2 lb down 6.5 lbs since started
week 7 123.5lbs no loss or gain down 6.5 lbs since started
week 8 123lbs loss of 1/2 lb down 7 lbs since I started
week 9 122.5lbs loss of 1/2lb down 7.5 lbs since started
week 10 121lbs loss of 1.5 lbs down 9lbs since started
week 11 120lbs loss of 1 lb down 10 lbs since I started and my first weight loss goal!
week 12 119lbs loss of 1 lb down 11 lbs since started!
week 13 120lbs gain of 1 lb down 10lbs since started!
week 14 119lbs loss of 1lb down 11lbs since started!
week 15 & 16 118 loss of 1lb down 12lbs since started!
week 17 & 18 I took off and gained 6 lbs total weight 124
week 19 122lbs loss of 2 lbs down 8lbs since started
week 20 121lbs loss of 1lb down 9lbs since started
week 21 120lbs loss of 1lb down 10lbs since started
week 22 119.5lbs loss of 1/2 pound down 10.5lbs since started
week 23 118.5lbs loss of 1lb down 11.5lbs since started

So I loss another pound this week. I think slowly but surely its coming off. I can say my loss hasn't been as dramatic as others but its really and every one has seen a huge difference. I have gained alot of muscle which is heavier than fat so I think that's why my weight loss isn't as huge. I have dropped almost 2 dress sizes and a few inches every where on my body. So I can tell it is working and that's what matters. Stay tune next week for my next update!

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I received Nutrisystem products free of charge in exchange for my reviews and all opinions are my own.