Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tasty Tuesday-4 th of July recipes

July Is National Hot Dog Month- Celebrate America’s Birthday with Hot Dogs and America’s #1 Mustard! 

 Fun Facts about Hot Dogs and Mustard*:
 · 2.3 billion hot dogs are consumed during National Hot Dog Month which occurs in July
 · During hot dog season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, 7 billion hot dogs are consumed which translates to 818 hot dogs every second during that time period
 · Mustard is the number one hot-dog topping in America 
· On July 4th, Americans will enjoy 155 million hot dogs—enough to stretch from D.C. to L.A. over five times 
· Every year, Americans eat an average of 60 hot dogs each 
· Classic Yellow mustard is 100% natural with zero calories, making it one of the healthiest condiment 
A quick, easy meal for back-to-school days. 
To serve for lunch, spoon bean mixture into Thermos®-style containers. Great for serving at picnics, too! 
Prep Time: 5 min. 
 Cook Time: 5 min. 

 1 (16 oz.) can baked beans 
8 frankfurters, sliced 
 1/3 cup ketchup 
 2 tbsp. FRENCH’S® Classic Yellow® Mustard 
2 tbsp. brown sugar 
 8 (8 inch) flour tortillas, heated 

 1. COMBINE beans, sliced frankfurters, ketchup, mustard and sugar in medium saucepan. Simmer about 5 min. to heat through. 
2. SPOON mixture into tortillas, dividing evenly. Roll up jelly-roll style. 

 Makes 8 servings 
Grill sausage at your next barbecue and add to potato salad just before serving. Ideal for tailgating parties.
 Prep Time: 15 min.
 Cook Time: 15 min. 
 2/3 cup prepared vinaigrette salad dressing 
 1/3 cup FRENCH’S® Spicy Brown Mustard or FRENCH’S® Horseradish Mustard 
 1 tbsp. sugar 
 1 ½ lbs. red or boiling-type potatoes, cut into 3/4-inch cubes 
 1 cup chopped green bell pepper 
 1 cup chopped celery 
 ½ cup chopped onion
 ½ lb. kielbasa or smoked sausage, split lengthwise 

 1. MIX salad dressing, mustard and sugar in large bowl; set aside. 
 2. COOK potatoes in boiling salted water to cover for 10 to 15 min. until potatoes are tender. Drain and transfer to bowl. Add bell pepper, celery and onion; set aside. 
3. Grill sausage over medium-high heat until lightly browned and heated through. Cut into small cubes. Add to bowl with potatoes. Toss well to coat evenly. Serve warm. 

 Makes 6 to 8 servings


Sandy VanHoey said...

That German potato salad looks delicious. I had German potato salad before but it had bacon and...can't remember what all but this looks fabulous. I think I best print and try this one. I appreciate you sharing. I love when you bloggers post some great recipes. I have printed 3 that look so good today. Thanks!

Sandy VanHoey said...

Oh man, I hope my original one went through but I don't see it...Yikes. It said I had a duplicate message but I only did it once. Anyway, now i don't want to re-type all of that but I am printing this to try. It is different than the German potato salad I had years ago and looks awesome!

Sarah Osborne said...

Wow, that is a ton of hot dogs!

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