Friday, July 27, 2012

Archer Farms® Simply Balanced™ drink pouches review

It's summer time so we spend alot of time on the go. So I love grabbing a bunch of water bottles and leaving but my kids are not the biggest fans of plain water so I buy pouches to pour in them. I love finding the ones that are sugar free and good for them so when I came across Archer Farms Simply Balanced powder drink pouches you bet I had to try them.
Archer Farms Simply Balanced powder drink pouches are sweetened with Stevia, has no artificial coloring, 10 percent dv of calcium, and best of all has great flavors. They have a great source of Calcium, Vitamin C and vitamin E. It has no Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Colors, and No Artificial Flavors.
Me and my kids loved them. They are sweet like a kool-aid and have tons of flavor. The only thing I did notice it does take longer to dissolve then other brand I have tried but that is not a big deal to me just pour it in , shake it and let it sit for a minute and it is perfect! My kids love the apple pear, and the black berry blueberry as well as the pomegranate yumberry. So if you like to flavor up your water and dont like all the sugars and artificial stuff in most drink pouches you have to try Archer Farms Simply Balanced powder drink pouches.

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