Monday, July 2, 2012

OFF! Clip-Ons can help you keep mosquitoes away so you can enjoy the summer!

Yep it's that time again where we spend alot of time outdoors. 4th of July, City festivals, Pioneer Days, Tons of birthdays and of course BBQ's and Fireworks. So what does that mean well bugs of course. The mosquitoes are awful and eat you alive and the West Nile virus is serious. Me and my youngest can't use the sprays with all the chemicals and Deet because we break out so what do we use? Well OFF Clip-Ons of course.
I love these little machines. You clip them on you and the little fan blows the repellent out around you giving you a shield against those little evil biting mosquitoes.It gives you 12 hours of protection without spraying on repellent on your skin. It is odorless and refillable so this little machine can be use over and over again saving you money. My new favorite thing is their awesome and stylish new designs. We got a flag one that is awesome for 4th of July. I love it! We also got a pink flower vine one that the girls fight over because it is so cute. These are must haves.

So if your going camping or spending alot of time outdoors this summer and don't want to be eating alive by mosquitoes then you have to check out OFF Clip-Ons. You will love them and the mosquitoes will hate it! So head out to your local store and pick some up today!

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