Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Friend Bernard on DVD August 2012

My Friend Bernard
70 minute running time
Rated G

Sam is a shy boy who is afraid of almost everything, from those strange shadows in his room at night to the small dog in his neighborhood. Everything just seems too scary for him! However, one day Sam meets Bernard, a Polar Bear who isn’t afraid of anything. Bernard takes Sam on an epic adventure and helps him lose his fear of flying, snowboarding, which allows him to face the biggest monster with humor!

 Our Opinion:
This movie is a great kids movie. There was funny parts and sad parts according to my 4 year old. She thought when Sam lost his teddy bear the movie was so sad lol. It was great at having a meaning behind it for kids to learn. It helps kids face their fears and see that most of the time everything is gonna be OK. It is a definitely cute movie with cute characters. Sam's big blue eyes are to die for! We give it two thumbs up for a great kids movie! It will be available at Redbox locations, Target, Walmart and Amazon.com.


VickieC said...

how cute,my grandkids would love to watch this,ive got one who is afraid of everything,so this mightjust help

Shari said...

This sounds like a cute movie.
I may just have to pick it up for my littles!!

Great Toys For Boys said...

We love Bernard!

Sarah Osborne said...

How cute :) My daughter would love this.