Sunday, September 16, 2012

Duncan Hines Complete Cake Mix Magic Book Review

Do you like cake? How about dessert? Well who doesn't right? Well I have a amazing cookbook to share with you. It is called  Complete Cake Mix Magic and no its not a bake a cake from scratch kind of book. It is a simple book that shows you how to take those store bought cake mixes and make something amazing out of them so everything thinks you spent all day making it from scratch. Yep I am down with cheating a bit and letting people think I did all the work lol!

I was completely in a dessert coma reading through this book. I wanted to make everything right then. It all sounded heavenly. I so love the Double Chocolate Chewies recipe and the Cranberry Banana Loaf as well as the Triple Raspberry Treat recipe. Yum these recipes as well as the the other 297 recipes all look perfect and easy. So if you like dessert but don't have the time to create them from scratch you have to check out Complete Cake Mix Magic. You will be glad you did and so will everyone else that eats your treats!


Rebicca said...

Thanks for this useful and easiest way of mixing.

Unknown said...

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