Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wise-Pets review

Do your kids love playing on your tablets, Ipads, Ipods, Smartphones , and etc? Mine do and it makes me nervous that they will drop it and break it. We have the ipod touch 4g and a Samsung galaxy tab and trust me I know how easy it is to drop and break them even with cases on. So when we got the chance to test out Wise-pets you bet I was like yep let see how good this works!

So when we got it it looked like a medium sized stuffed animal. My kids thought he was cute haha. I thought hmm is this gonna work? I got the ones that fit the iPod. It was easy to slip the iPod into it and it stood in even with me tipping it over and shaking it a bit to see how well it stays. Yes I am that kind of tester haha. My youngest couldn't wait to play it. At first she thought it was a little weird carrying around this big animal just to play the iPod but that sure changed when she was able to sit it down and lay down and watch her Pocoyo show on it and didn't have to hold the ipod the whole show. The kids loved I could strap it to the van seat so all them could see and hear the movie on it. Now I need to get one for the tablet lol. I was impressed by the protection it gave the ipod and how much my kids loved playing on the ipod even though it was encased in the Wise-pets.

So if you have little ones who love to play with your technology gadgets you have to check out  Wise-pets. Trust me you will love them and they come in different characters so you can pick your favorite one!

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