Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hanes Comfort Blend review

Everyone knows the brand Hanes but not everyone know how much their stuff has changed over the years. By change I also mean changed for the better. They have this new Comfort blend cotton that is to die for literally. It is so soft and comfortable you will never want to take it off.

I got for the review a awesome white zip up sweater that I have adored since I got it. It is so comfortable and warm. The material is so soft and even after washing it multiple times it still feels awesome. I need like 3 more now haha.

I also got some crew neck white undershirts for my husband and he was super excited but nervous that they would stretch out and become misshaped like others he had. He loved the soft material and that there was no tags. We have washed them 4 or 5 times now and they are still like brand new no stretching and the softness is still there.

I also got a great pack of undies for me that are amazingly comfortable. So soft, fit wonderfully and no wedgies. I love them. Plus I love the pale colors of them and the waist bands on them are comfortable and don't leave me with red lines when I take them off and that is amazing!

Overall I am extremely impressed with Hanes Comfortblend products. You bet I will be buying more especially for winter. So head out and pick up yours today!

My son got a regular Hanes t shirt and He loves wearing it. He says it is comfy and he wears it to school as well as to bed. I swear I don't think I will ever get it off him haha.

Company info: 
The ComfortBlend collection features a 50/50 cotton/poly blend fabric that delivers superior softness with less shrinkage after washing. ComfortBlend undershirts are available in both Lay Flat Collar Crew and V-Neck styles in classic white and black. In addition to ComfortBlend undershirts, Hanes has extended this ultra-soft line to underwear bottoms, including boxer briefs available in black and gray along with blues and heather, all boasting the reliable fit Hanes customers value and have come to expect.


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