Thursday, February 14, 2013

Slow Cooker Desserts recipe book review

Book info: 
Slow Cooker Desserts teaches readers how to apply this convenient method to sweet treats that top off any dinner with style. Home chefs learn easy ways to include a hot dessert in any dinner plan. Simply prepare one of the delicious recipes in Slow Cooker Desserts, set it, forget it, and let the magic happen while enjoying dinner. No more rushing away from the table to get dessert in the oven. These easy-to-follow recipes include scrumptious favorites, from chocolate lava cake and French vanilla custard to cheesecake and rum-infused bread pudding. For lighter alternatives there are fruit favorites such as tropical pineapple crisp, apple brown Betty, and simmered pears served à la mode. In addition, Slow Cooker Desserts has numerous recipes for jams, marmalades, and compotes to liven up any occasion.

My Opinion:
I love cooking in my slow cooker so when I got the chance to try out this new cookbook I couldn't wait. While sitting and reading through the recipes my mouth was drooling at how yummy the recipes sound. I couldn't wait to try some. Most of the recipes are easy to follow and very few ingredients to make such a great sounding dessert. With me at school  during the day and then taxi around the kids  and everything I never have time to make desserts and barely enough time to make dinner so this was great for that! Now I just need two slow cookers lol. The first recipe I tried was the Apple Brown Betty which was heavenly and definitely a recipe I will use again. I also tried the Apple Butterscotch crisp recipe which was also so easy and so yummy! This book is going to be a family favorite because it is so easy to have your dinner and now your dessert too even on a busy day! I love it!

So head over to Ulysses Press and get your copy today. You can also get it at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and noble and Nook. So check it out today! You will love it!

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