Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baci White chocolates by Perugina

In celebration of Baci's 90th anniversary, Perugina's master chocolatiers have crafted this new companion to traditional dark chocolate Baci. Baci White Chocolate boasts a creamy white chocolate coating that enrobes the traditional Baci filling of milk chocolate and hazelnut gianduia crowned with a whole hazelnut. The vanilla-scented white chocolate makes for a positively alluring twist on a beloved classic. And yes, each Baci White Chocolate is hugged by the traditional Perugina love note!

I got the amazing chance to try these and I am in love. I thought since they were white chocolate I would have them to myself and not have to share, because my husband doesn't like white chocolate, haha NOT!! My husband seen me eating them and had to give one a try. Yep thats all he needed and then he was addicted. He said this white chocolate was nothing like the white chocolate he has had and he loved them. We are both lovers of another hazelnut chocolate candy on the market and these tastes just like them but creamier and so good. I loved how pretty they looked. The white chocolate and the hazelnut spread with the hazel nut was just a heavenly combination. I really couldn't get enough. I also love the little notes in them. the sayings were perfect and gives you a good boost to the day!

So if you love chocolate and hazelnuts you have to try Baci White Chocolate or any of their other great chocolate candies. I am sure you will love them! Also right now they have a awesome contest going on at their website to win complimentary wedding favors for your wedding. How cool would that be and these would be perfect gifts! So check it out today!

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