Friday, April 12, 2013

Minute Rice, Dinner's done in a minute! Recipe and giveaway ends 4-26

Being a mom to 6 kids, a full time college student, a homemaker, a wife and all the jobs that go with those I really have to manage my time. So when it comes to dinner I like things that are of course yummy, healthy but I need fast. One of the things I always have in my cabinet is Minute Rice. Why you ask? Well because it has everything I wanted in a meal. It is fast, easy, yummy, and healthy! To to that off you can make so many different things with it.

Ok I know your thinking rice is rice but honestly its not! I have tried other brands and been very disappointed. I got mushy rice, hard crunchy rice, and some mixture that was so not edible. So I stick with Minute rice. I buy the boxes that are done in 10 minutes or less for family dinners and for quick lunches for me I buy the Ready to serve minute rice cups that are done in 60 seconds in the microwave. My husband like the white rice ready to go cups for a night snack. He cooks it then puts it in a bowl with milk, sugar and cinnamon and downs it. He loves it! Minute Rice always comes out perfectly cooked and comes in so many different flavors and rice types. Honestly if you haven't tried it you should. You can make desserts with it, breakfast, lunch and dinners. I love making stirfry or fried rice and rice bowls. They are some of my favorite recipes. Here is another great easy and fast recipe from Minute Rice. Check it out and pick up some Minute Rice today!

 Orange Chicken and Rice
 Makes 4 Servings

1 jar (12 ounces) orange marmalade
 1/2 cup orange juice
 1/2 cup water
 2 cups cooked chicken, grilled or roasted (Alternative: try 2 cups of cooked turkey)
1 large orange, washed and thinly sliced
 1 cup frozen sugar snap peas, thawed
 2 cups cooked, Minute® White Rice or Minute® Whole Grain Brown Rice

1. In a small sauce pan add in: marmalade, orange juice and water. Simmer until blended and reduced about 50 percent. It should be like syrup.

 2. Add chicken, orange slices and peas until all are hot.

 3. Serve over rice. If desired, sprinkle with slivered almonds.

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latanya t said...

jasmine rice

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I want to try the single serve Brown Rice.

Sandra VanHoey said...

I'd like to try their broccoli & cheese rice

Linda Kish said...

I would like to try the Minute Steamers - Brown & Wild Rice

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carolwegs said...

i would like to try the white rice. I would eat the cup for lunch. love this! thanks

Momma Told Me said...

I'd like to try Minute Whole Grain Steamers

Becca said...

I would like to try Broccoli and cheese rice steamer :)

1froglegs said...

I would like to try the Italian or Spanish rice