Monday, April 8, 2013

Doonya: The Bollywood Dance Workout series: Review

The weather is changing and I am noticing how much I let myself go all winter long and now I need to shape up. It is so hard for me to want to run and just exercise. So when I can find some fun exercise programs it makes exercising so much easier. That way I wanted to try Doonya: The Bollywood Dance Workout series. I love dancing and thought this one would be fun!

Bollywood-dance inspired fitness company, Doonya, is proud to announce the release of its three-disc series “Doonya: The Bollywood Dance Workout.” The upbeat DVDs guide users through easy-to-follow cardio dance and strength-building choreography to foster a healthier, fitter mind and body, using Bollywood music for high-energy workouts and routines!

When I received the discs I couldn't wait to try them. The first CD is about 25 minutes of warm up   showing you the moves, and a cool down. The second CD is about 30 minutes and the third CD is about 50 minutes. They are very easy to follow along with and so much fun to do. You forget that your even exercising. I mean it feels like your dancing at a club and having fun but your are exercising and it feels good! I absolutely love these workout CDs. Even my older kids love them. This is a definite favorite in my house. I do each CD at least 1 time a week and my body feels great!

So if you need a fun workout check out Doonya: The Bollywood Dance Workout series. You will be glad you did! They even have a awesome giveaway going on for a trip for 2 to Los Angeles to attend the DVD launch party! How awesome would that be! So check it out today

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