Sunday, April 28, 2013

Simply Sensual™ Moroccan Night Jasmine Massage Candle review

There is nothing better after a long stressful day then a nice hot bubble bath under candle light. Then top it off by using that wonderful candle for a nice warm massage. Sound like heaven yet? To me it does! Simply sensual moroccan night jasmine massage candle is a wonderful soy candle you can do just that with!

This exquisitely fragranced soy candle melts into a warm massage oil and releases pheromones to naturally excite your sexuality. The oil will be warm to the touch but will not burn, and it contains natural moisturizers to soften and renew skin. It also contains soybean, coconut, hemp seed, apricot, jojoba and avocado oils. So it is so wonderful for your skin and smells heavenly too.

This candle with end your day with luxury and relaxing enjoyment you wont forget. To make it better share it with your special someone and it will be the best bonding night ever. I love this candle! So head over and get yours today and start enjoying! Trust me its wonderful!

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