Saturday, April 27, 2013

MakIt Art Plate Kit review

 My kids love anything and everything to do with art. I do alot of art stuff with them. We love making art projects and making our own things unique. I have taught them that the best presents and gifts are things you make and put your heart into. I try and buy them tons of craft and art stuff for every holiday and occasion. So when MakIt ask me to review their Plate kit you bet I said yes.
The MakIt Plate kit is a fun art project your kids can have fun doing. It comes with 25 paper templates, markers, and a certificate to mail in one of your template designs to have it put on a 10 inch diameter, non-toxic, BPA free, break resistant plate. This is so fun! If you have more than one kid than you can pay extra to have their designs on a plate too without buying another kit. So now all your kids can design their own dinner plates and have fun eating on them. Well that is if you let them lol. I just want to put them all on the wall and enjoy their art haha.

So if you want to make a memorable piece with your little ones then you have to check out MakIt Plate kit. This would be a great baby shower present or first birthday. You could do their footprint or hand print and name. That would be adorable! So head over and get yours today!

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