Friday, April 26, 2013

Blue Monkey Coconut Collection review

With the health craze at all time high Coconut water, milk, etc are all the rage. I love using coconut water or milk in my smoothies especially my green smoothies. I also use it in cookies and cake recipes. It is awesome. I started using coconut products about 3 years ago when my youngest had a bad dairy allergy and coconut was a perfect supplement for her needs without the dairy! So when Blue Monkey asked me if Id like to review some of their coconut products I said heck ya I do lol!

When I got the package from them it contain two bags of coconut chips and two packages of instant coconut water powders. I was instantly intrigued. I mean my kids love the drink pouches and this looked just like them, plus it made for easy storage as well. I love that! So the next day I got out a nice cold water bottle and added the instant coconut water powder to it. I shook it for like 30 seconds or so and the powder dissolved instantly. That was nice because some powder drinks don't dissolve and it is gross but not this. I then tasted and smelled it. I could smell the hint of coconut and taste it as well. It wasn't sweet just water with the coconut after taste that I really loved. I decided to use a few ounces of it in my green smoothie and it was perfect. It is now my favorite thing to add to my smoothie and my kids love it as well. I will use this again that is for sure. Its easy and delicious!

Blue Monkey coconut chips were amazing. They were crunchy and sweet. I could literally sit and eat the whole bag. My whole family adored them. I used it in some banana bread and on top of a yogurt parfait. It was absolutely dreamy and yummy! I have always been a huge fan of toasted coconut and this was far better than any I have tried before! This is a definite must try!

So if you love coconut or love healthy stuff then you have to try Blue Monkey Coconut collection. You will love it and so will your body! Check them out on FACEBOOK!

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