Sunday, April 14, 2013

RawEssence: 165 Delicious Recipes for Raw Living

Raw living is a huge thing today! So many people are going all natural and all raw foods. It is healthier and safer. I am in love with all these new healthy recipes and raw foods. There is nothing better than making a meal and knowing it's healthy and all natural with no chemical and artificial junk in it! The hardest part is finding all the raw ingredients and some good recipes. Until RawEssence 165 Delicious Recipes for Raw living Cook Book.

I got the chance to review this great book. I was so excited! It had so many healthy raw recipes and most of them were fairly easy. I has recipes to make your own tortillas and breads as well as great smoothies, soups, main dishes and even desserts. I also teaches about dehydrating foods and more. I mean this is a complete book for everything you need for Raw living! I definite must have! So check it out today and join the healthy raw living experience!

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