Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Firmoo Glasses review

Both me and my husband wear glasses and so does my 8 year old daughter. So we spend alot of money getting glasses well until now. Firmoo is a awesome site that carries all kinds of brands of glasses for a awesome price. You can get eyeglasses, sunglasses or just cool non-prescription glasses. I mean whats not to love?

Oh and wait I forgot to tell you at Firmoo you get your first pair of glasses for free with their First Pair Free program. That is wonderful. Now you can get in and try a pair of glasses and see how wonderful they are without spending your money! That is so important!
Anyways back to my review lol. Me and my husband picked out a pair of glasses to try out. I got a very cute pair of Sunglasses that are prescription. They are perfect. I love the big frames. I also love how dark they are. My prescription works great with them. So now I can be stylish, shaded and be able to see. The frames are not too heavy and are so sturdy. I can't believe how great they are for such a low price.

My husband got him some manly Eyeglasses that he absolutely loves. He can't believe how light they are and he loved the design. It's hard for him to find a good fitted pair since he has a big head and these fit nice. He can see perfectly with them and just can't get over how nice they are for so cheap. We usually spend 4 times this amount for him a good pair of glasses. So this will save alot.

Overall we were extremely pleased with our choices. They were made with great quality and have some many great brands. There is definitely a great pair of glasses that you will love and be in your price range or lower. So if you wear glasses or want glasses check out Firmoo and pick up a pair today!

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