Friday, May 31, 2013

MyAllergyTest ( at home test)- Giveaway ends 6-14

I battle with seasonal allergies. I am allergic to a few things and I have been tested at a specialist to find out what. Yes a specialist will test for about 50 or more things which is handy but the test is very expensive. First you got to pay for the specialist visit then pay for the test which is a couple hundred dollars. I didn't have insurance so this really inconvenienced me. I know there are others out there like me that don't have insurance and suffering with allergies. I have great news for you! There is a new at home test out there where you can test your allergies against the 10 top allergens.It is called MyAllergyTest. Think about this for a second. No doctor fees or huge test fees just a simple $49.99 at your local store and it includes the test and shipping to the lab to be tested and your results and some plans to help with your allergies. That's like 1/8th of the price you would pay to go to the doctors. This way you can find out what if anything you are allergic to then if something comes back you can go to the doctors to find treatments that would help or if a simple over the counter medicine will help.

So I received my test and it was very organized with great detailed instructions. It was very easy to do. It was a simple finger prick like the ones you get to test your iron or blood sugar. Then put a few drops of blood into the test tube. Then seal and add the id stickers and mail. It was really that simple. It took about 3 weeks for me to get my results through email. It came back with the two allergens that the expensive test at my doctors also showed, Bermuda Grass and Dust mites. So out of the 10 allergens it tested for I knew from other test what I was allergic too and this test showed the exact same two allergens. So it was 100% accurate with my results. I wasn't sure how it was gonna work because you know there is always human errs and stuff but it worked. This test was so easy and way less painful then the test I got at the doctors. there I got the "scratch test" where they have 40 to 50 little prong like things they dip in the allergen oils and then press into your skin and wait for a reaction. It sucked trust me. It looked like I had chicken pox for like a day or two. I am so glad this was not like that or I probably wouldn't of done it. This is way safer and easier I would and will use it on my daughter as well to do her test instead of putting her through the torture again at the doctors.

So where do you get this test? It is at Walmart, Walgreens, and Meijers in the health testing area. The suggested retail price is $49.99 and is covered with HSA( Health Savings Account) and FSA(Flexible Spending Accounts). For more info go to their website. Good luck with your allergies and hope you try this great new test!

We are giving one lucky US reader one of these awesome MyAllergyTest. Yay!

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megan said...

hot baths, otc meds and it doesnt help much

Teresa (Making It All Work) said...

I have used OTC meds and humidifiers for years.

Gale said...

Claritin helps some...I'm not sure if benidryl does. I mainly take it when I have trouble sleeping.

Lifelovinforeverbymegan said...

this will really help me.

Kimberly said...

I take an OTC medication that stops the itching