Saturday, May 18, 2013

Master Lock Bike locks- Its time to get out & ride and get healthy

Did you know that bike riding is the second most popular outdoor activity in America, behind running? I know I didn't know. But it makes sense. I always see alot of people out riding including my kids. Unfortunately, a new survey from Master Lock revealed that more than one-third of riders don’t lock up their bikes, and nearly half of Americans have had their bike stolen, or know someone who has. That is just sad. I would hate to know we are part of that figure. So please lock up your bikes. It's not hard or expensive.

Master Lock has a couple of great bike locks that are great priced and are so easy your kids can use them. They have the 8220D Cable Lock and 8170D U-Lock. We got the U-Lock to try out and we love it. It is absolutely the easiest and neat lock ever. It is nice and sturdy and definitely hold up to someone trying to cut through it. I love the storage bracket. This lets you be able to connect it to your bike and have it with you always and out of the way. Then when you need it it's there. No need for finding a place for the lock while you are riding it. This really is a awesome lock and now I know my kids bike is safe and secure from theft.
So pick up a lock and get out there and ride. This season is beautiful and perfect for riding you bike. If you need another reason than here is a fact: regular riding can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50 percent and is a great way to get outside and enjoy the spring and summer months. So get out there and ride safe with Master Lock!

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