Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kohl's Cares Program- The Pout Pout Fish

I love helping any program that helps kids. I help many foundations every year. It is just so rewarding to know you can do a little something to help innocent kids. So when I heard about the Kohl's Cares Program and that it sent 100% of all profits made from selling cute kids toys and books to help Kids Educations and Health. You bet I was like this is a awesome program! I mean some programs give a percentage but to give 100% is amazing and to such great things like kids health and education which are the two most important things in this world to me!
 Right now they have this adorable Pout Pout fish collection and I absolutely love them. The fish is so soft and cute you cant help but cuddle with him. The crab is my 8 year olds favorite. He is also so soft and brightly colored. Definitely a cute crab! The book is the cutest book. I love the whole meaning behind the story that just because your called something doesn't mean you are that, You can be anything and that is so right! The Pout Pout fish Learns he doesn't have to be sad, grumpy and pouty just because he is a Pout Pout fish and it just take a complete stranger to show him that! I think I have read the book everyday since we have got it. My kids adore the book. My favorite part is all these adorable things are only $5 a piece and all the money goes to help kids! So not only do you get a awesome item but your helping others. It doesnt get any better than that!

Now I want to get to Kohl's to get the Octopus and the Pout Pout fish in the Big-Big Dark book. So if you haven't heard of this awesome program check it out today and head over to Kohl's and pick up a few of these adorable items today!