Friday, June 14, 2013

Zip-Itz review- Fun zipper dolls

My kids love dolls especially unique ones. So when we seen the cute new Zip-Itz dolls my girls were in love. They had one picked out for each of them. Actually they wanted them all plus some Cotton Candy Cuties dolls as well. But we got one of the Zip-itz dolls for review and my girls are loving it!

About Zip-Itz:
Zip-Itz are magical plush creatures that came to life after a mysterious malfunction at the Zany Zipper Factory. While no one is quite sure how they came to be, one thing is for certain - they make the very best pals! Adorned with rainbow-teeth zippers that open to reveal secret pockets, Zip-Itz are perfect for hiding all kinds of treasures.

Our opinion:
Know I already told you my girls love them and think they are the coolest ever. They are soft and just plain fun to play with. My girls love that they have "pockets" and they can put stuff in them. These dolls remind me of the learn dolls with the zippers, buckles, ties and snaps haha but so much cuter. I love the fun colorful fabrics and prints. I love the different ones like, girl ones, boys ones, geek ones, and even princess ones with tutus. They are a great size of 9 inches. I love the little story about each character and their likes and catch phrases that make them unique with their own personality. So much fun! We think these would be a great toy for all girls and boys. I would say collect all of them! You bet we will be getting more! So head over and get your Zip-Itz today and look at their other great toys!

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