Monday, July 22, 2013

Puffs Fresh Faces

If any of you are like me this time of year means alot of sneezing. Alot of sneezing means alot of wiping my nose. Most of you know Puffs brand tissues are the softest tissues around for wiping noses. Well some of you also know from my previous posts how awesome Boogie Wipes are as well for wiping nose because of the wonderful saline. Well I am here to tell you that both of my favorite 2 nose wipe brands have teamed up to make a new and awesome product called Puffs Fresh faces!

This is a awesome new generation of facial tissue. Puffs Fresh Faces is the first moist facial tissue designed for everything your face has to face each day. Saline can be used to clean and soothe nasal cavities, dissolve mucus, refresh and moisturize skin, and reduce puffiness. Patented and uniquely formulated with saline, aloe and Vitamin E, Puffs Fresh Faces are designed to help you clean up anything the day can throw at your face. Whether you need to freshen up after a hard workout, remove runny makeup in the heat of the afternoon or soothe your allergy riddled nose, Puffs Fresh Faces in lavender, menthol and unscented get the job done better than a dry tissue.
We got a awesome gift basket full of these great Puffs products, plus a T-shirt, pedometer, mirror and some of the great tissues as well. I could wait to try the new Fresh Faces. I love the Menthol scent with is great for colds to help open your nasal passageways. The lavendar is so relaxing for wiping my face at night. The unscented is great for my youngest faces and nose with her allergies to everything these are so gentle to her sensitive face. I love how fresh these leave you and they work great. It even gets the hard sticky stuff of my kids dirty little faces which is awesome. Now I carry these around with me always. These are definitely my new favorite product. So I would recommend you check Puffs Fresh faces out and you will be glad you did. Plus on the website there is a $2 off coupon for Target. So get that too!

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