Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quiet Mischief- Handmade jewelry

In a family of 8 and 6 of those are girls jewelry is a big thing is our home. my girls love it and so do I. We are huge on handmade stuff right now. We make Duck tape stuff and Paracord stuff along with bead stuff. So when I find a business or people who sell handmade jewelry we can't help but fall in love. So that's exactly what happened when we browsed through Quiet Mischief.

Quiet Mischief is a etsy store that has all kinds of handmade jewelry.They specialize in friendship bracelets and duct tape accessories, some of which you won't find elsewhere! The stuff is absolutely gorgeous. Me and my daughter got a matching anklet kumihimo in purple and white with a gorgeous flower bead. We love it! They fit perfectly and look so pretty on! We get compliments on them all the time. They are made so awesomely that they are great quality! Now I am looking at the duck tape rose and heart rings and the duck tape rose hair clips. They are all great prices so you can get everything you love! So check out Quiet Mischief ! You will be glad you did.

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