Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Signature Selects Gourmet Cat Food- High Quality natural and grain free pet food giveaway end 7-19

I have two cats that are part of my family. They are just as important to me as my own kids. I even call them my fur babies. They are completely spoiled and show it lol. I swear they have as many toys as the kids and love treats and can food. I feed my cat hard food during day but as a treat at night they share a can of food. They got this routine down too lol. Whenb I feed them I try to feed them the finest quality of food. I mean they are my family and I am not going to feed them un-nutrient filled food. Plus I love when I open the can and can tell by looking at it what the food is. I have seen shrimp, chunks of chicken and etc and that makes me feel good knowing they are eating real foods. So when we got the chance to try Signature Selects Gourmet Cat Food from Wellness I said of course because You know I want to find the best for my fur babies.
Signature Selects gourmet cat food naturally delivers the variety your cat craves. Each signature recipe features delicate cuts of real meat and seafood in delicious sauces. Each simple recipe is prepared by hand and packed with taste.The foods are Natural & 100% Grain Free. They are complete and balanced for everyday feeding. They come in convenient serving sizes. There are No Meat By-Products, Wheat, Corn, or Soy. They are also perfect for encouraging hydration.
We got three different flavors to try and my cats were excited to try them. The first can we tried was the Chunky Turkey &white meat Chicken entree in sauce. My Lillith loved it and couldn't get enough of it. My Willow though is more routine and he is quite picky. He wasn't fond of that flavor. So the next day we tried the The Chunky White Meat Chicken &Wild Salmon entree. They both like this flavor. I loved I could actually see chunks and not the mashed up pate style that my cat dislike.The last flavor we tried was the Flaked Skipjack Tuna With Wild Salmon Entrée in Broth. Both cats enjoyed this flavor as well. The great thing about these cans are they are perfect size and both get a generous amount. I love that they are natural and free of by products. I know my cats are eating healthy when eating Signature Selects Gourmet Cat Food from Wellness. That is very important to me! So if you have cats or dogs check out Wellness Brand pet food. You will love it and so will your pet!

We are giving one lucky reader 3 cans of this great cat food Yay!

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bayctygrl said...

I think she would like the Chunky White Meat Chicken &Wild Salmon entree.

hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

shirley said...

Flaked Skipjack Tuna With Wild Salmon Entrée in Broth!

Amy Orvin said...

My cats would love Signature Selects Flaked Skipjack Tuna With Shrimp Entrée in Broth


Anonymous said...

I got 'em all today, so I'll have to see!

trixx said...

He'd love the Chunky White Meat Chicken &Wild Salmon entree