Friday, August 9, 2013

Better Oats Oat Revolution Steel Cut Oats review

School is getting ready to start again and in my house of 8 we are always rushing around trying to get ready and eat in time to get out the door in time. I want them to eat a healthly and nourishing breakfast before school. One of our favorite is oatmeal. We love the instant pop it in the microwave and it is done kind. So when we got the chance to try the new Better Oats Oat Revolution Steel Cut Oats you bet we said yes!

I love steel cut oat but normally I have to cook it over night in the crockpot for it to be ready in time for school. So I love that Better Oats came out with the instant kind. It is only 170 calories, a 1/2 a gram of SAT FAT, 5g of protein, 8% iron and 4g of fiber and tons more stuff. So it is a great healthy option for breakfast. They even have Flax seed which is great for your dietary fibers! Best part is its ready in a little over 2 minutes! Then even have great flavors! I love the Maple and Brown Sugar and the kids love the Apple Cinnamon.

So if you are looking for something easy, fast and healthy for breakfast for back to school check out Better Oats Oat Revolution Steel Cut Oats. You will be glad you did and so will your kids. Everyone deserves a healthy, hearty breakfast!

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