Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bratz Action Heroes- review

If you girls then you probably heard of Bratz Dolls. I have 5 girls and all of them love the Bratz dolls. So when we got the chance to test out there newest doll you bet we couldn't wait.

Bratz newest line is the Bratz Action Hero dolls. My girls love this idea because all the action heroes are geared more for boys and none towards girls so they were so happy to have a girl super hero! These dolls have adorable brightly colored action hero outfit and each one has their own special super power. Plus to top it all off each doll comes with a mini action figure that you can scan and download 2 fun apps to play on your Apple device from iTunes. I dont know which is my girls favorite part whether the cute doll or the fun addictive App games.

We got the Action hero called Shira. She has this cute purple and red super hero outfit with a bright red cape. Shira's™ Super Power is flight! The mini Action Hero figurine that comes with the doll unlocks 2 exciting games! One augmented reality game where you can mix and match their fashions, practice new tricks and much more! The other level of game play takes each girl into a unique world where they are on a mission to save the color in each of their cities! The free game app will be available for download at iTunes.

Overall we are pleased with fun and excited doll. My girls have loved it and it's apps. So if you have a Bratz lover then you have to check out this new line. You will love it and so will your girls! Plus it lets them know even girls can be heroes too! So check it out today at Walmart, Kmart, Target and Amazon! Plus follow Bratz on Facebook and Twitter!

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