Sunday, September 1, 2013

COOKING COMICALLY: Recipes So Easy You’ll Actually Make Them

COOKING COMICALLY: Recipes So Easy You’ll Actually Make Them  (Perigee Trade; October 1, 2013) is a cookbook like no other--recipes in comic book format! Tyler Capps, the creator of the hit website CookingComically.com, believes cooking should be fun, simple, and cheap. He created a comic strip recipe called "2 A.M. Chili" that took the internet by storm, racking up millions of views, and since then has been featuring delicious, easy recipes in a quirky comic strip format on his website. The book will include some of the best-loved recipes from the site along with all-new easy-to-follow recipe-comics to create dishes like: 
Bolognese for Days
The (Nobody Calls Me) Chicken Sandwich
It's perfect for pretty much anyone--those unfamiliar with a kitchen (but need to be!), those on a budget, or just those who enjoy getting crafty with a spatula. And it comes out in October--right around the time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I got a little sampler of the book and the recipes look easy and have fun names. Definitely a cute and fun cook book and it would make a awesome Christmas gift!

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